name The Teddy Delivery Brand

Teddy Delivery originates from the country of Sweden where the 'Nallebudet' (Swedish for Teddy Delivery) business was founded in December 2004 and has become a tremendous success.
In 2006, the first Teddy Delivery franchise was opened in United Kingdom followed by the United States franchise in 2009.
Teddy Bear Gifts has the exclusive rights for the Teddy Delivery brand in the United States.


Barbara Wangelid
Co-Founder & President
Teddy Bear Gifts DBA

Affordable Birthday Gifts

01st February 2010
Teddy Delivery™ has great gifts available that are inexpensive and very special. Choose a miniature teddy bear to convey your happy birthday message to that important person in your life. Pick from an assortment of outfits to dress your birthday ted... Read >